Tom Zavesky
Tom Zavesky
About:   I finally decided to post the music from all the bands I either produced or played in. The bands are listed below with a short explanation. Click through to view more about the band/project and download the music. It's all in mp3 format. The order on the front page is reverse chronological.
The 99 Dream:   (2012 - ) Dream pop featuring vocalist Nikki Tarter.
Lounge Overdrive:   (2007-) I teamed up with vocalist Jeff Marcha' to produce "Lounge Overdrive." It combines the best of 60's pop, 70's r&b and 80's shoegaze. Think of tall cool cocktails, spaghetti swag lamps, and jet-black uneven bobs.
Gel:   (2003) I sampled myself, by taking a bunch of outtakes of Vince Murdock singing in Death and Taxes, Feal, and Distorted Cliches and produced a techno-babble of meaningless samples. Fun to listen to.
Dimitra Pasalis, Tom Zavesky
SelectaMatic:   (2000-2002) Unusual covers of Pasty Cline and Petula Clark songs featuring Diva Dimitra on vocals. The perfect happy hour music.
Wedge:   (1996-2000) Guitar, Bass and Drums. That's it. With song titles such as "Everything is stupid," "I may have issues, but at least I'm not a dick." and "I like people who suffer," we were the band from down the street singing songs about stupid people.
Bovinity:   (1993-2003) The flagship solo record. The first disc sounds more like New Order, with a distinct 80's ring. The later disc is a monster stomp of funky 70's blacksploitation movie soundtrack clips set to alternative music.
Golgotha:   (1989-1993) A Gothic band, headed up by Calvary, formerly of Uzizi. I produced these couple tracks and video.
Feal:   (1991) Vince Murdock's solo record with myself, Tim Caskey on drums, and a host of others. Wonderfully happy/sad shoegazer-ish textures.
Gallery Walk:   (1987) An ambient music CD produced for a gallery walk on Murray Hill, Cleveland. With titles like "Claymation" and "Millions of Crickets", and textures from fine to gritty, this is not your average wallpaper record.
Death and Taxes:   (1987-1989) A freight train. If I were to get signed to a label, this would have been the band. I still have no idea what we were doing, although at one point it was dubbed "New Primitive."
Blank Frank:   (1986) Myself and Mark Chadbourne. We wanted to make a record of "midtempo stories of personal crisis." The recordings are rough but Mark's melodies are particularly haunting.
Distorted Cliches:   (1982-1985) What started out as myself and Shannon wanting to be "The Eurythmics" turned into an actual band.

Mark Chadbourne

James Curtis Smith

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