Vince put together these songs for a demo. He booked studio time and got a whole bunch of us together to play on the tracks. There are lots of layers of guitars here. During these sessions, I discovered that I could do counterpoint verses to what Vince was singing, which worked out unusually well. I basically did them off the cuff, just listening to the lyrics and making stuff up as I went along. He was working with drummer Tim Caskey, who did all the drum programming and basically produced the disc. Tim had a connection with someone in the industry, so we were able to use their studio to mix the tracks. Their studio was in San Francisco, so we flew out there and spent 4 or 5 nights (midnight to 6am) mixing. I felt this disc was very successful in a shoegaze shoegazer way. However, Vince never seemed to be pleased with how it turned out and he never really released it. I managed to get a cassette copy. The last two tracks we did at a local studio in Cuyahoga Falls. I did the drum programming for these. I enjoyed working on these because we recorded them on 2" tape and I found that format to be really great to work in. You could make all kinds of mistakes and they would never show up. Plus the drums got this real warm quality to them that you cant get working in digital.


Keep a Rose for Me

Taking Innocence

Makes it Fine

The Players:

Vince Murdock - guitars, basses, vocals

Tim Caskey - drums, programming

Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses

Calvary - bass

Steve Deisler - guitars

Mike Jost - guitars

Produced by Caskey, Murdock, Zavesky