Wedge - Fractal Toast, Produced by Tom Zavesky
The Players:
Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, vocals
Jim Flynn - bass
Steve Zavesky - drums
Wedge - Fractal Toast
01 Joan Rivers
02 I May Have Issues But At Least I'm Not a Dick
03 Christian Singles' News
04 New Meat
05 Everything is Stupid
06 Raise Your Hand If You're Bitter
07 3rd Date

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Produced by Tom Zavesky, All songs © 2000-03

I had taught Jim how to play bass and we kicked around the idea of starting a band. I talked my brother into playing drums. Jim dubbed the band "Wedge" which to this day I don't care for. The goal was to do away with the sequencers and computers and be able to set up in 10 minutes. Out of the gate I wrote a lot of songs for Wedge, with Jim contributing lyrics. We had a lot of fun with songs such as "Everything is Stupid" and "I Like People Who Suffer" We went back to Jay Bentoff's studio to record. We actually recorded quite a bit for wedge, but it got to be really expensive because Steve would go in and record the drums first, then we would come in after and record our parts and mix. Consequently a lot of what we recorded was unfinished.

We go the reputation of being a band with "no image" which suited us well. I was primarily interested in being the band from down the street singing songs about stupid people.

I May Have Issues
Christian Singles News
3rd Date

Quotable Quote: We were even accused of being an "aging punk band," to which I replied flatly: "I have an MBA and a Subaru and I am not a punk."

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