The Players:
Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards, programming, vocals
Dimitra Pasalis - vocals, artwork
Selectamatic - Cheeseburger Deluxe for Patsy
01 Crazy
02 Walkin After Midnight
03 Strange
04 I Fall To Pieces
05 Sweet Dreams
06 Leavin' On Your Mind
07 Crazy Dreams

Produced by Tom Zavesky
Selectamatic - I Know a Place
01 Don't Sleep In The Subway
02 Call Me
03 My Love Is
04 Sign Of The Times
05 Downtown
06 I Know A Place
07 Happy Heart

Produced by Tom Zavesky

I had always wanted to do some unusual covers of Patsy Cline songs. I teamed up with diva Dimitra Pasalis to produce "Cheeseburger Deluxe for Patsy." It was very successful, so we decided to do a second disc, "I know a Place," and we covered all Petula Clark songs.

We worked hard to really "tip the arrangements" on their side. I think the Petula disc is one of the better sounding discs I ever produced. Dimitra is a visual artist with an unusual style of her vinyl cut prints. She did one original print for the cover of each disc.

Since these songs are all covers, I cannot post them here, but if you want a disc, click the "I want one" link, and fill out the form and I'll mail you one. Also you can get in touch with Dimitra about her unique prints.

I want a Patsy
I want a Petula
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