Gallery Walk  
Gallery Walk, Produced by Tom Zavesky
The Players:
Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards programming
Vince Murdock - guitars, basses
Rob Mulryan - general help and direction
*Dale Funtash - RX5 drum programming
Gallery Walk
01 Cat And Mouse
02 Talking In The Pews
03 Rain On A Window
04 Eggshell Ballet
05 Left Brain
06 Debug
07 Office At Night
08 March Of The Mayflies
09 Rounds
10 Fond Farewell
11 Gothic
12 Neo Gothic*
13 Artificial Heart
14 Artificial Heart 2*
15 Grape Jelly*
16 Claymation
17 Four
18 Millions Of Crickets
19 Caves By The Ocean
20 Running In Place
21 The Clock

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Produced by Tom Zavesky, All songs © 1988

Vince, Rob and I assembled this collection of ambient tracks to try to cash in on the ambient trend of the 80's. It really began as a collection of soundbytes that we had lying around on cassettes and ended up taking on a life of it's own. It even got reviewed by Option magazine. We sold a bunch of them at various artwalks. There are a couple added tracks here that I did with Dale Funtash. He was a terriffic drum programmer, doing things such as tuning symbols so low that they sounded like a diesel engine idling.
While most ambient music sounds like benign wallpaper, this disc is different in that the textures really vary from track to track, from hard to soft.

Cat and Mouse
Left Brain
Caves by the Ocean

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