Bovinity - Anxiety Comes Early, Produced by Tom Zavesky
The Players:
Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards programming
*Calvary - bass
Bovinity - Anxiety Comes Early
01 Shankpainter Road
02 10 Seconds To Therapy
03 I Love You, Yeah, Whatever
04 Anxiety Comes Early
05 Shankpainter (Extended mix)
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Produced by Tom Zavesky, 1998

Moving toward a less hard-edged direction with the next set of songs after Train Wreck Therapy, I needed a new band name to release material under. Somehow I came up with the idea of "Bovinity" because Shannon had all kinds of cow-themed materal in her apartment.

I went to Jay Bentoff's studio to record and mix. It was a nice environment in a brownstone/townhouse and Jay was an excellent engineer. He was open to doing any type of material.

I bought a midi interface and midi program for my Macintosh IIcx for $35, and did all the backing tracks with a Roland D110, and Alesis MidiVerb II.

I ended up having it mastered twice, because the first time, I don't think the mastering enineer had any hearing left, and he put too much bass on the bottom end.
I like how this record sounds. It was engineered very well I wish the songs had been a little stronger, but I think "I Love You, Yeah, Whatever" is probably one of the best songs had ever written. My friend La used to play it over and over with the line about the table manners being her favorite.

I Love You, Yeah, Whatever

Bovinity - Divide by Zero, Produced by Tom Zavesky
The Players:
Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards programming
*Carl Gribble - guitar solos
Bovinity - Divide by Zero
01 Stunning*
02 Working Overtime Living Underground
03 Picassos Girlfriend*
04 It's Always About A Man With You
05 The Two Step Ultimatium
06 White Trash Riviera
07 Singles On Anti-Depressants
08 Neighbor Joe
09 Now You Know The Score
10 Growing Up Fast In A Fast Town
11 Policy Of Truth (cover of Depeche Mode)

01 Big Girl On A Mission
02 All That Money Wants (cover of Psychedelic Furs)
03 South Florida Relationship Hell
04 Cynics Dream In Black And White
05 Trust Fund Baby

Produced by Tom Zavesky, 1993

The second Bovinty record I did at home, didn't go to the studio. It took a LONG time. This is a real fun disc, I tried to sing in a lot of colors.
I had a rivalry with Kirsten Elisabeth from Figure Of Speech. It centered around who could write the most bitter song. She claims I won but I think it was a draw. She wrote this song with a line about a cook who picks meat up off the floor when no one is looking.

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