Blank Frank  
Blank Frank, Produced by Tom Zavesky
The Players:
Mark Chadbourne keyboards, vocals
Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards, programming, vocals
Blank Frank - Love Me Love My Crisis
01 Wretched (mc)
02 Sunday-Afternoonishly (mc)
03 Lonely Blue (mc)
04 Happy (tz)
05 Don't Change Ever (tz)
06 Cynicism Out Of Control (tz)
07 Taken And Shaken (tz, mc)
08 Hateful Poses (mc)
09 Sarcasm And Orgasm (tz)
10 Ballad Of Chery (tz)
11 Posted For The Pope (tz)
12 This Will Only Hurt For A Little While (mc)
13 Torching A Primrose Path (mc)
14 Song For Audrey (tz)
15_SoTiredOfWaiting (cover of Kinks)
16_WretchedMix (mc)

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Produced by Tom Zavesky, All songs © 1988

I met mark through an ad in the local music weekly. Since Distorted Clichés broke up I was looking for a new project. His gift for melody and songwriting was a lot better than mine. So his songs on this disc are the stronger ones. We assembled this one cassette and then ended up breaking up because Death and Taxes was taking off and I wanted to put all my time there.

Years later he asked me to master his solo disc you can find it here.

Hateful Poses

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